9 October 2013: I was a guest on Radio 4’s A Good Read, discussing one of my favourite books - Monsignor Quixote by Graham Greene. Listen here.
9 October 2013: I was the guest on Radio 2’s Wednesday afternoon discussion “What makes us human?”, hosted by Jeremy Vine. Listen to it here.
13 August: After I complained to BBC Radio 4’s World Tonight about their editing of the discussion on trolls that I took part in, they have now released the full audio recording: listen to it here.
11 July: My stint hosting Counterpoint on ABC Radio in Australia has now come to an end. All the shows are available online. The first one, on scientific determinism, is here. The second one, on the culture wars, is here. And the third one, on freedom of speech, is here.
1-15 July: I am guest-hosting Counterpoint on ABC Radio in Australia for the first three weeks of July. Listen to the first show, on “neurobollocks”, here. Listen to the second show, on the culture wars, here.
24 May: I was on Any Questions on BBC Radio 4: listen here.
19 May: The Daily Mail has taken umbrage at my Huffington Post piece on Angelina Jolie. The Glasgow Herald discusses it here, and the Mommyish blog mentions it here. It also pops up in the New Zealand Herald, here.
19 May: The Indian newspaper the Sunday Guardian reports on my 10 Top Stupidest Islamists here (it mistakenly refers to me as a satirist).
25 March: I was cited twice in The Atlantic this week - favourably in this piece about press freedom by Wendy Kaminer, and less favourably in this piece about the anti-war movement by Conor Friedersdorf.
9 March: In my latest Europe Update for ABC Radio in Australia, I discussed the Italian general election, the scandals rocking the Catholic Church, and European intervention into Syria - listen here.
6 March: I was on PM on BBC Radio 4 discussing the proposals to ‘improve’ police investigations of child abuse claims. You can listen here (starts 17m 40s in).
15 February: I was invited to give evidence at the House of Commons Select Committee on Same-Sex Marriage. You can watch a video here, read my comments in Hansard here (columns 159 to 168), and read Pink News' coverage of my appearance here.
15 February: On the tenth anniversary of the million-strong march in London against the Iraq War, I debated political protesting with Ken Livingstone on BBC Radio 5. Listen here (starts 6mins in).
15 February: I am quoted in this Spectator article about gay marriage.
10 February: Every month, I will be giving a “Europe Update” on the Australian ABC radio show Counterpoint. You can listen to my first update here.
9 February: On Saturday 9 February, I will be speaking about the crisis of investigative journalism at Cork University’s Journalism Conference. More details here.
17 January: Never mind Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Lance Armstrong… instead watch this Intelligence Squared debate I spoke in at the end of last year, titled “Lance Armstrong Is Still A Hero”. I was speaking for the motion.
17 December: I am cited in a Herald article criticising those who criticise gay marriage: read it here.
15 November: This article in the Daily Beast criticises my piece on the Newsnight. It also misrepresents my views, but hey ho.
1 November: I argued for the motion ‘Lance Armstrong is still a hero’ in an online Intelligence Squared debate. You can watch it here.
31 October: I appeared on Michael Coren’s show on Canadian TV to discuss the blaming of Hurricane Sandy on global warming. You can watch it here.
31 October: VICE magazine describes my Telegraph piece on Hurricane Sandy as ‘the worst Hurricane Sandy article’… see here.
30 October: I discussed the Jimmy Savile scandal on the Nicky Campbell show on BBC Radio 5. You can listen to the initial discussion here (starts 2hrs 7mins in) and then listen to me taking the public’s calls here.
17 October: I discussed the Jimmy Savile scandal on BBC Radio Leeds (listen here) and on Ireland’s Newstalk radio station (listen here: starts 45 minutes in).
24 September: I was cited in a Daily Mail article on the Lib-Con government’s redefinition of domestic violence: read it here.
24 September: I am the guest host of Counterpoint on ABC National Radio in Australia this week. The theme of the show is “What has happened to the left?” and my guests include Frank Furedi, Cassandra Wilkinson and Guy Rundle. You can listen here.
31 August: I was on The Jeremy Vine Show today having a heated debate about comedian Frankie Boyle’s latest offensive tweets. You can listen here (starts 1hr12m in).
30 August: There have been quite a few responses to my Huffington Post piece on rape - you can read some here, here, here and here.
27 August: There have been quite a few responses to my VICE piece on interns. VICE published a counter-piece written by its interns. The National Union of Students had a pop, as did Intern Aware. The National Student criticised my article, and so did something called The Hague Interns Association.
11 August: There has been a fair bit of response in China to my Telegraph blog 'Why do we Brits look upon Chinese athletes as cheats, freaks and robots?' and my article for the China-US Focus think-tank on the Olympian culture clash between the West and China. My Telegraph piece was republished on Sina, one of China’s main microblogging sites, and it was cited in the Chinese Wall Street Journal too. I also appeared on China Central Television, discussing the two articles against a backdrop of the Olympic Park.
8 August: College Tribune, the student newspaper of University College Dublin, interviewed me as part of its series on gay marriage: read it here. Their interview with Irish columnist John Waters is worth a read too.
27 July: I was interviewed by American radio host Scott Horton about the role of human-rights groups like Amnesty in bolstering Western militarism - listen here.
1 July: I recently gave a talk about gay marriage at the London Legal Salon. You can listen to it here or read a transcript here.
28 June: I took part in a sixth-form debate about the death of socialism in Islington, London. My opponent was Judith Orr, editor of the Socialist Worker. You can watch my speech here or read a transcript here.
11 June: Some responses to my recent spiked column on the demise of the Queen’s English Society: The Australian Council for Educational Research discusses it here; the MSNBC journalist Alex Johnson references it here; and the Threedonia website kicks off a debate about it here. Also, I discussed it on BBC Radio 5 on 10 June: click here (starts 1hr 10mins in).
11 June: The Catholic Herald cites my criticisms of the gay-marriage campaign here.
8 June: Der Spiegel writes about my “großartigen Artikel” on the EU here.
1 June: I appeared on The Jeremy Vine Show on BBC Radio 2 to discuss the Daily Mail's campaign to block online porn. You can listen to the debate here (starts 1hr 10mins in).
1 June: I am quoted in this rubbish article about addiction in the Guardian. Also, my comments at the gay marriage debate in London were reported in the Telegraph: read it here.
29 May: I spoke in London tonight in a debate about gay marriage organised by Catholic Voices and the British Humanist Association. You can read my speech here.
16 May: I was interviewed by the Guardian for a piece about insults and free speech. My recent Telegraph blog on Rebekah Brooks was cited in The Atlantic. And an old Guardian piece of mine on the Dalai Lama has been quoted in China Daily (not for the first time…).
13 May: After Rebekah Brooks was interrogated at the Leveson Inquiry about the News of the World's “paedo” campaign, and how it allegedly led to a paeditracian being mistakenly attacked, the Press Gazette republishes my piece on this modern urban myth.
17 April: I was interviewed for a BBC Radio 4 documentary on feminism after the Slutwalks phenomenon. You can listen to it here.
2 April: I was interviewed on Irish radio discussing “tweetcrime”, following the imprisonment of Liam Stacey for making offensive comments on Twitter. You can listen to the interview here.
28 March: I was on The Jeremy Vine Show on BBC Radio 2, which is currently presented by Vanessa Feltz, discussing the imprisonment of student Liam Stacey for writing offensive tweets about Fabrice Muamba. You can listen here.
20 March: The Communist Party of Great Britain has published an attack on me for criticising the Occupy movement. In the process, it rather reveals its disdain for the masses. Read it here.
2 March: I was invited on to The Interrogator on Fifth Column radio to debate ‘assisted dying’ with Raymond Tallis. You can listen to the debate here.
24 February: Tonight I will be speaking in a debate about the EU and democracy in Athens. It will be at the Hellenic American Union at 7.30pm. More details here.
20 February: Tonight I will be speaking at Cork University, in a debate about religion and atheism organised by Cork’s Philosophical and Muslim Culture Societies. If you’re around, come along!
7 February: There have been some interesting responses to my Telegraph piece on the Advertising Standards Authority’s decision to ban Christian leaflets that say ‘God heals’. Andrew Lilico, a columnist at Conservative Home, discusses my article here, and Tom Chivers, a Telegraph blogger, disagrees with it here. Meanwhile, Skeptical Science says I have made The Daft Claim of the Week.
29 January: Tonight I will be speaking at a Durham Union Society debate at Durham University, opposing the motion “This House Would Ban the Burqa”.
14 January: Sunday Times columnist Bryan Appleyard seems unable to decide whether or not he likes my spiked column on the Stephen Lawrence case. Mostly, he seems not to. Read his musings here.
22 December: I was interviewed about Britain’s tabloid phone-hacking scandal on Q, a political discussion show on Canada’s CBC Radio. The Guardian declined to debate me. You can listen to the interview here.
6 December: On Thursday 15 December I will be speaking at the Adam Smith Institute’s end-of-year debate, titled “2012: The End of the World as We Know It?” Find more details here.
1 November: I appeared on Sir David Frost’s Al-Jazeera show Frost Over the World, debating overpopulation with Roger Martin of the Optimum Population Trust (now rebranded as Population Matters). You can watch it here (the debate starts at 14m30s).
31 October: For Seven Billion Day, I was interviewed by the Danish newspaper Information. Danish speakers can read it here. Two years ago, I wrote a feature piece for Information on the myth of overpopulation, which you can read here.
28 October: Earlier this year I gave a speech at Cambridge University, on the motion ‘This House believes in the spread of Western-style democracy, by force if necessary’. You can now watch a video of the debate here (I come on 55 minutes in).
27 October: This week I debated a proposed new database of domestic violence perpetrators with Vanessa Feltz on BBC Radio 2. Listen to the debate here (the debate starts 1 hour 11 minutes in).
24 October: I was cited in a Die Zeit article on the Occupy phenomenon. Read it here.
14 October: I discussed the new film Tyrannosaur with Lee Hall, author of Billy Elliot, on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. It turned into a very heated debate about the depiction of the working classes in modern-day cinema. Listen to it here.
13 October: Steven King, the Irish Examiner columnist who was accused of plagiarising me, has resigned and issued a statement. You can read about it here, here and here.
12 October: Music journalist Andrew Collins didn’t like my recent piece on bullfighting. Read his criticisms here.
7 October: It has been reported by Brian Whelan that Steven King, a former adviser to David Trimble and now columnist at the Irish Examiner, has been plagiarising my articles. A blog called Critical Press has made similar claims. Apparently, King has now been indefinitely suspended from the Examiner.
24 September: Today I will be debating Maria Wetterstrand, former head of the Swedish Greens, at the Gothenburg Book Fair. Click here for more information.
21 September: Paul Flynn of Attitude magazine responds to my Telegraph blog on gay culture.
16 September: In his cover piece for the National Review, Mark Steyn refers to me as a ‘beleaguered defender of free speech’. Owen Jones is rather less generous about me in this piece about chavs in the New Humanist.
9 September: This week I gave a speech at the Adam Smith Institute on the recent English riots: you can watch a video here. Also, the debate I took part in at the Wilderness Festival in Oxfordshire in August is now on YouTube.
3 September: The American Spectator says I should have used the phrase “anti-Semitism” rather than “Israel Sensitivity Disorder” in my Telegraph post on the protest against the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. I disagree.
30 August: A spokesperson for the campaign group Save the Educational Maintenance Allowance attacks me here, following a Telegraph post in which I said the EMA was one of the worst government initiatives in recent years.
29 August: The people at Islamophobia Watch accuse me of being Islamophobic. Why? Because I defended the English Defence League’s right to march.
13 August: While I was in Australia I appeared on Q&A, their version of Question Time, which you can watch here, and I was also on the political discussion programme The Drum, which you can watch here.
13 August: A few people have cited my spiked column on the English riots. It was republished in The Australian, described by Clive Crook of The Atlantic and the FT as 'the best piece I have read on the riots', cited by Ross Douthat in the New York Times, and it moved Danny Sanchez of the Bastiat Institute to say that I 'write with the sharpness of a latter-day Mencken'. Aw, shucks.
13 August: Ouch! Mark Latham, former leader of the Australian Labor Party, is clearly not a fan of mine. Read his article about me here.
10 August: I was interviewed for Antiwar Radio on the state of the Arab uprisings. Listen to it here.
9 August: I was on Australia Talks on ABC Radio talking about the London riots. Listen here.
8 August: I was interviewed by Nick Cater at The Australian about my trip to Oz and my political outlook more broadly. Have a read here.
21 July: There has been a fair bit of debate about my articles on the Murdoch scandal in spiked and The Australian. The international edition of The Week included me in their round-up here. Tim Blair discussed my Oz piece in his Australian Daily Telelgraph blog here. Melbourne Herald-Sun columnist Andrew Bolt discussed it here. A correspondent for The Punch had a go at me, a writer for The Age said I was barking mad, and Erik Wemple of the Washington Post had a pop too. Meanwhile, the New English Review and Reason blogged about my articles.
18 July: I was interviewed for CBS on the Murdoch scandal. You can listen to it here
16 July: My Telegraph post on all the overgrown Harry Potters referring to Rupert Murdoch as Voldemort is cited in the Washington Post.
9 July: I was interviewed for the Amsterdam-based daily paper NRC Handelsblad about the fall of the News of the World. Dutch speakers, click here.
4 July: Totally Jewish has an article about my criticisms of the ‘pro-Palestinian’ flotilla sailing to Gaza. Read it here. (By the way, I disagree with much of the Totally Jewish piece.)
20 June: I am cited in The Week’s coverage of the AC Grayling controversy.
11 June May: Following my Telegraph blog on the BBFC’s banning of Human Centipede II, I was interviewed for the film magazine, IndieWire: click here. My piece was also cited by Fox News, in the Danish daily paper Politiken, and in the Danish film magazine Ekko.
3 June May: My Telegraph blog on why the public isn’t backing the ‘save our NHS’ protests features in the Wall Street Journal's Best of the Web.
22 May: I am cited in this article in the Herald on privacy and press freedom.
8 May: This week I debated Roger Martin of Population Matters (formerly the Optimum Population Trust) on the Today programme on BBC Radio 4. Listen to it here.
4 May: This morning I was on Colourful Radio in London discussing the referendum on the alternative vote. Listen to it here (it’s show #69, starts 9 minutes in).
3 May: A columnist for the Boston Globe quotes from my recent article on AC Grayling’s secular bible: see here.

22 April: I took part in a discussion about the Dalai Lama, explaining why I am not a fan, on Newstalk Radio in Dublin. Listen to it here (starts 32 minutes in).
14 April: Professor Brian Cox, the BBC physicist, calls me a ‘knob’ and ‘catrastrophically stupid’ in this interview in Shortlist magazine. It is in response to an article I wrote in which I criticised Cox.
13 April: My Telegraph piece on the fashion for wearing Muslim veils is cited in the international edition of The Week and in an article in America magazine.
9 April: Some responses to my Telegraph blog on the riots in Afghanistan that followed Pastor Terry Jones’ burning of the Koran: The New York Times cites it in this piece on the “freedom to inflame”. The Atlantic selected it as one of the columns of the week. And the Iconoclast blog at the New English Review discusses it here.
1 April 2010: A reporter for Wired describes me as a ‘denialist’ for questioning the evidence-lite claims that post-quake Haiti is overrun by predatory rapists - yet she doesn’t provide any further evidence that these claims are true. Read the Wired piece here and my original post on the Haiti claims here.
30 March 2010: Kyle Smith, film reviewer for the New York Post, blogs about my new Reason article on nudging here. Reason article here.
30 March 2010: Daniel Larison at the American Conservative describes my article on the barbarism of buffoons in Libya as one of the ‘most impressive, utterly damning indictments of this absurd war’. Click
28 March 2010: In the Independent on Sunday, Sarah Sands reports on the discussion between me and Brian Cox. She takes his side. Read it here. You can read my original Telegraph post on Cox here and Cox’s response to me here.
10 March 2010: My recent spiked editorial on the problems with the alternative vote is quoted in the Daily Mail: click here.
4 March 2010: I was on CrossTalk on Russia Today, discussing the Arab uprisings with John Laughland and others. You can watch it here.
4 March 2010: My Telegraph post on Charlie Sheen is featured in the current issue of The Week, and is being discussed at Reason and on the celebrity website Oh No They Didn’t. It was also selected as one of this week’s best columns by The Alantic. Michael Duff discusses it in his newspaper column here and it also featured on Yahoo! News.
1 March 2010: There has been a great deal of response to my article in the Australian about the Western left’s obsession with Palestine to the exclusion of almost every other issue. It has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the Jerusalem Post and in the San Diego Jewish World. It has also been discussed at The Atlantic, twice at Commentary magazine (here and here), at Before It’s News, and in FrontPage Magazine.
23 February 2010: I am cited in this article in the Catholic Herald on the impact of the pope’s visit to Britain.
16 February 2010: Worker’s Liberty magazine challenges my recent articles on the floods in Brisbane: click here.
15 February 2010: During one of my recent trips to Cambridge University I was interviewed by a student, Max Klinger, for the student newspaper Varsity. The interview is here.
10 February 2010: Tonight I am taking part in a panel debate about Faith and Reason at University College London. It is in the Darwin Building on Gower Street at starts at 7pm. Come along.
9 February 2010: David Cesarani has responded to the criticisms I made of him in my Telegraph blog recently. Read my original blog here and read Cesarani’s response here.
31 January 2010: This evening I am giving a talk on “The Politics of Anti-Zionism: Why It’s Fashionable to Hate Israel” at Clare Politics in Clare College, Cambridge. More info here.
27 January 2010: This evening, I took part in a debate at the Cambridge Union Debating Society. The motion was “This House believes in the spread of liberal democracy, by force if necessary”. I was on the team proposing the motion, alongside Professor Norman Geras and a Cambridge student, against Sir Christopher Meyer, Simon Tisdall and Kerry Brown, who were opposing the motion. A transcript of my speech is published here.
26 January 2010: This morning I was on the Today programme on BBC Radio 4 discussing Rupert Murdoch’s influence on British politics. You can listen to it here. I was also on BBC Radio Wales to discuss the sacking of Andy Gray from Sky Sports: click here.
21 January 2010: Robert Groezinger of the German libertarian magazine Eigentumlich Frei discusses my Telegraph post on the police’s infiltration of the green movement here.
20 January 2010: Tonight I am speaking in a debate at the Philosophical Society of Trinity College Dublin (former member: Oscar Wilde; honorary president: Al Pacino). The motion is ‘This House Believes Capitalism is the Only Way’, which I am opposing, of course. I will try to post my speech online after the debate.
19 January 2010: My Telegraph blog post on the floods in Brisbane is cited in The Week's round-up of articles: click here.
18 January 2010: Reason readers discuss my spiked column on the uprising in Tunisia here.
18 January 2010: Tonight I will be speaking on the Wikileaks phenomenon at the Brighton Salon. More info here.
15 January 2010: My Telegraph blog post on the floods in Brisbane is being discussed on various websites. The Global Warming Policy Foundation republished it here. Matt Ridley discusses it here, and AW Montford, author of The Hockey Stick Illusion, invites his readers to discuss it here.
12 January 2010: The Periscope Post discusses my Telegraph blog post on George Clooney’s celebrity colonialism in Sudan: click here.
10 January 2010: I was on Sunday Sequence on BBC Radio Ulster discussing the politics of nudging with Michael Hallsworth of the Institute for Government. You can listen to it here (click on Chapter 8).
8 January 2010: I was interviewed for this Wall Street Journal article on Denis Dutton and his impact on cultural debate. Also, the Globe & Mail mentions spiked, somewhat snottily, in a piece about Dutton.
4 January 2010: I have started a new blog for the Daily Telegraph. You can read it here.
28 December 2010: My views on “celebrity colonialism” are cited in this feature article in the Financial Times and also in this posting on the World Bank website.
27 December 2010: I was a contributing reporter for this piece in the Christian Science Monitor on world-changing ideas for 2011. I did the interview with Matt Ridley. Click here to read the feature in full.
23 December 2010: My alter ego Ethan Greenhart, who now lives in perfect eco-solitude, has made a rare public appearance in the Australian. Click here.
21 December 2010: Reason readers discuss my recent essay on Malthusian fiction and reality. Read their discussion here.
11 December 2010: Green Futures, the magazine of Jonathon Porritt’s Forum for the Future, has published a long piece attacking me and others for criticising carbon offsetting - or what I have termed ‘eco-slavery’. Read the piece here. Read my original spiked piece on carbon offsetting, published in 2007, here.
3 December 2010: This morning I will be on Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4 discussing my spiked article on adult overexcitement about the recent British student protests. You can listen to it here.
29 November 2010: Reason readers are discussing my spiked article on the role of respectable adults in facilitating last week’s student protests in London: click here. Also, writer Ed Driscoll muses on my recent piece on Malthusian fiction and contemporary reality: see Driscoll’s site here.
23 November 2010: My spiked article on censorship on American campuses is quoted in today’s Washington Times: click here.
20 November 2010: Greg Lukianoff, president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, discusses my interview with him on the Huffington Post: click here.
17 November 2010: I will be a witness on BBC Radio 4’s Moral Maze at 8pm this evening, discussing civil disobedience. You can listen to it here.
16 November 2010: Matt Ridley, author most recently of The Rational Optimist, discusses my recent speech/essay on Malthusianism here.
8 November 2010: On Monday 8 November I will be speaking about the ‘Ground Zero mosque’ controversy at the New School in New York City. It’s free, so if you’re in New York, come along. For more information on the themes and other speakers, click here.
30 October 2010: Today I will be speaking at the Battle of Ideas, first on trust and second on population growth. Buy your tickets for the two-day battle here.
21 October 2010: My spiked article on the psychobabblers making pronouncements on the Chilean miners has been cited by Matt Ridley here and is discussed by readers of Reason magazine here.
14 October 2010: Tonight I will be taking part in a debate at the House of Literature in Oslo on burqa bans in Europe. The debate has already kicked off at the end of my Dagbladet article published on Tuesday - see here. And for more information about tonight’s discussion, click here.
8 October 2010: James Bowman, reviewing Christopher Hitchens’ book God Is Not Great in New Criterion, quotes from a recent article of mine on truth. See Bowman’s piece here.
5 October 2010: My spiked piece on the ‘humanitarian infallibility’ of Geoffrey Robertson has been picked up Down Under, where Robertson is from. The Australian cites my article here, and the Melbourne Herald Sun kicks off a debate about it here.
1 October 2010: There have been some more responses to my recent series of articles on Pope Benedict’s visit to Britain. Vicky Simister, who I debated recently on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour has published a rather strange piece on my anti-anti-pope campaign here. The Catholic Herald quotes me in its round-up on the visit here. The Catholic Bishop of Sydney quoted me in a piece he wrote for The Australian. The Catholic Voices media group has decided that I am saintly. I was quoted in an article published in the American newspaper, the Irish Voice. And my Sydney Morning Herald article challenging the statitistics used by some New Atheists has been republished in two other Australian newspapers: The Age and the Brisbane Times.
24 September 2010: Today I am speaking at the Gothenburg Book Fair, one of the biggest book festivals in the world. I am speaking on the human footprint, and why we should expand it, in the main V-Hall of the festival. Gothenburgers, come along! More info in the brochure here.
17 September 2010: Yesterday I was on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, debating with a feminist whether we need tougher laws against sexual harrassment. You can listen to it here. Mumsnet, the middle-class mothers’ website beloved of political leaders, now wants to get a mob against me for what I said. See here.
16 September 2010: Peter Popham, in today’s Independent, quotes from my recent spiked article on the exaggeration of Catholic child abuse figures. Click here.
14 September 2010: There have been some interesting responses to and reports on my spiked columns on the papal visit. The Daily Telegraph comments on my piece challenging the priest-rape stats here. The New Humanist accuses me of spouting hot air. The Catholic Voices network, a press office for the church, comments on my articles here. Overseas, my articles were cited in Die Presse newspaper in Austria, in the Spanish newspaper Lavoz Libre, and by the Polish and Portuguese Catholic press agencies.
10 September 2010: Reason readers discuss my spiked article on Tony Blair’s memoirs here.
26 August 2010: My old spiked column on why New Atheists are mugging Mother Teresa is quoted in the current issue of L’Osservatore Romano, the official newspaper of the Vatican City: see here. Meanwhile, James Gray of the British Humanist Association takes issue with my arguments on faith schools.
19 August 2010: Times Higher Education has followed up on my recent spiked article about the authors of The Spirit Level refusing to engage in debate with non-peer-reviewed people. Both author Richard Wilkinson and I are interviewed. Read it here.
13 August 2010: My views on the Afghan War are discussed in the current issue of the Finnish newspaper, Nykypaiva. Finnish readers, click here.
10 August 2010: I was on The Listening Post on Al-Jazeera TV this week, discussing the Wikileaks story. You can watch it here.
6 August 2010: I was on the Jeremy Vine Show on BBC Radio 2 today discussing Naomi Campbell and ‘blood diamonds’ with Annie Dunnebacke of Global Witness. It starts about five minutes into the show - listen here.
4 August 2010: Zen Buddhist Barbara O’Brien, who writes the Buddhism Blog on About.com, takes umbrage at my recent Reason article on Tibetan Buddhism. Meanwhile my Christian Science Monitor piece arguing that Tibet needs to be freed twice over - first from the Chinese government’s authoritarianism and second from the patronising pity of Western campaigners - has been republished by Yahoo! News, Taiwan News, China Digital Times, Visit China, by the Tibetan online magazines Phayul and Dhasa, and in Vietnamese by the online magazine Buddhism Today.
25 July 2010: There have been some interesting responses to my series of articles ‘Seven Days in Tibet’. Ross Douthat cites me in the New York Times here. The editor of The Buddhist Review discusses my articles here. He compares my writings to those of Tibetologist Donald S Lopez Jnr, which is fine by me: Lopez Jnr’s excellent book Prisoners of Shangri-La had a big impact on how I understand Tibet and the West. National Review writer Rod Dreher kicks off an interesting discussion about my articles on the BeliefNet website. And in its link to my series of pieces, the travel site Common Sense and Whiskey captures what I was hoping to say about Tibet: “It’s not that Tibet isn’t a wondrous, dramatic, austere, beautiful, remote and exotic land. It’s just that alongside all that there are begging monks, angry poor people and whole sections of towns that smell like a sewer. It’s refreshing, and more accurate, to read the less-romanticized truth.”
30 June 2010: In his latest piece on the “RCP network”, Nick Cohen says I don’t strike him as the kind of person who could handle himself in a fight. That’s fighting talk where I come from. Mind you, I don’t fancy his chances. He might have five stone on me but I’m 20 years younger and come from the side of the tracks where people had more to worry about than what the neighbours would think if you bought oranges from South Africa.
25 June 2010: Rob Sharp at the Independent critiques my Spectator article on Glastonbury. You can read it here.
22 June 2010: Julie Burchill cites my spiked column on the Gaza flotilla in a column in the Jerusalem Post: see here.
17 June 2010: The Los Angeles Times covers my story about the alleged 40,000 prostitutes being trafficked to South Africa for the World Cup: see here.
12 June 2010: My old spiked article on the myth of 40,000 hookers being trafficked to South Africa for the World Cup is covered in La Stampa in Italy: click here. It was previously republished in The Australian, and covered by NGO Pulse, Reason, Straight Statistics and Global Voices (in French, Italian, Polish and Spanish).
8 June 2010: For Flemish and Swedish speakers: a Belgian newspaper columnist discusses my Gaza-flotilla article here and a Swedish columnist discusses it here.
5 June 2010: I will be speaking at Republic’s annual conference on Saturday 5 June. Come along. More info here.
20 May 2010: Some of America’s leading ‘pro-life’ (I prefer ‘anti-choice’) campaigners are writing favourably about my recent speech on euthanasia, titled ‘The humanist case against euthanasia’, which was published on spiked on 17 May. Judie Brown, president of America’s largest anti-choice movement, the American Life League, says I am one of the ‘humane, logical folks’ who recognises the dangers in the pro-euthanasia lobby. The Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation also links to my article. The National Right to Life Committee, which is active in 50 of America’s states campaigning against ‘abortion, infanticide, euthanasia and assisted suicide’, says that my speech combines ‘great insights with serious mistakes’. The Illinois Federation for the Right to Life also discusses my speech favourably, here. I find this all very peculiar. I am not ‘pro-life’ in the way that these campaigners are ‘pro-life’ - in the sense that I do not oppose women’s right to choose an abortion. In fact I have written in defence of a woman’s absolute right to choose, and was excommunicated as a contributor to the UK Catholic Herald for doing so. It is a testament to the weird political times we live in, and the extent to which mainstream society has abandoned a full-blooded defence of the value of human life, that there can appear to be a point of agreement between a pro-choice editor like me and anti-choice activists in America. As it happens, I think there is no contradiction whatsoever between supporting a woman’s right to choose while opposing the formalisation of the ‘right to die’, and I plan to write an article explaining why very soon.
19 May 2010: In his piece explaining why Reason is holding a Draw Muhammad Contest, editor-in-chief Matt Welch mentions my reservations about Draw Muhammad Day. See here.
18 May 2010: Wesley J. Smith of the Discovery Institute has written about my humanist arguments against euthanasia on the First Things website. Read it here.
5 June 2010: On 5 June I will be taking part in a Question Time about the future of the monarchy at Republic’s annual conference. Find out more here.
2 May 2010: My spiked column on what I called a ‘secular inquisition’ against the pope is quoted in today’s Los Angeles Times: click here.
1 May 2010: My Christian Science Monitor article on the British election is republished by Yahoo! News.
29 April 2010: I was interviewed for Word of Mouth, on New Hampshire Public Radio, about environmentalists’ response to the Icelandic volcanic eruption. Listen to it here.
28 April 2010: I took part in Question Dine, a political TV show produced by the charity WorldWrite, in which I had a rather blazing row with Labour MP Diane Abbott and other politicians. You can watch it here.
24 April 2010: I am quoted in an article on the Catholic Church in the current issue of The Weekly Standard. It’s not entirely accurate though - the figures in my article were for “reform schools”, where it is believed that most priestly sexual abuse occurred, not for “religious institutions” in their entirety. Read The Weekly Standard piece here.
23 April 2010: Chris Horner of the CEI cites my views on the ‘Green Industrial Complex’ in a column in the Daily Caller. Read it here.
19 April 2010: For Spanish readers: the Italian/Spanish professor Juan José García-Noblejas has written a piece for Cope discussing my recent spiked column on the New Atheist campaign to arrest the pope. Read it here.
16 April 2010: David Quinn, a columnist for the Irish Independent, cites me and Ed Koch, former mayor of New York, as two non-Catholics who have criticised the current campaign against the pope. Read it here.
13 April 2010: There is an interesting piece in the Hawaii Reporter on how changes in climate and weather have often given rise to outbreaks of witch-hunting and the demonisation of heretics. It quotes some of my arguments about so-called “climate change denial”. Click here.
9 April 2010: Ross Douthat at the New York Times discusses my recent spiked column on the paedophile priest scandal: see here.
8 April 2010: My Battle for Politics speech (published on spiked) is quoted in the Australian. Click here.
April 2010: At 6pm on 22 April I’ll be taking part in a panel discussion about assisted suicide with some of the leading figures in the field, including Dr Peter Saunders of Care Not Killing, Sarah Wootton of Dignity in Dying and Professor Simon Blackburn of the Humanist Philosophers Group. It will take place at Conway Hall in Red Lion Square, Holborn - and it’s free. Click here for more info.
30 March 2010: Catholic commentators are responding to my article on the paedophile priest scandal. Michael Cook, editor of the Australia-based religious magazine Mercator, rather nicely says ‘isn’t it odd that the most perceptive article on the media storm over clerical sex abuse comes from a British magazine staffed by ex-Trotskyite pro-abortion libertarians?’ Andrew Bolt of the Herald Sun in Melbourne has kickstarted a quite lively debate about the article here. The Irish Catholic says I take a ‘sensible’ position despite the fact I am an atheist: click here. And Catholic author Father Dwight Longnecker mentions my piece here.
19 March 2010: Readers of the Spectator respond to my recent article on “devil dogs”. Read the letters here.
12 March 2010: Today, on The Jeremy Vine Show on BBC Radio 2, I debated Alistair Graham, former chairman of the Committee on Standards in Public Life, on the MPs’ expenses scandal. He argued that we need more external regulation of MPs’ behaviour; I said that the public, not elite bodies, should pass judgement on elected politicians. The debate starts half an hour into the show here.
8 March 2010: Having already been republished in Sweden, Germany and Austria, my Alternative Copenhagen Deal is now republished in Switzerland, in the magazine Die Weltwoche. It says the manifesto has started a ‘Europe-wide debate on the future of earth and mankind’. Click here to read the original English version and here to read the Swiss magazine’s version.
7 March 2010: The New York Times has published a short report about my appearance on CBC radio and my arguments about the weaponisation of classical music. Read it here.
5 March 2010: For Italian-speakers: the Italian culture website, Revista Cultura, has published a report on my arguments about the weaponisation of classical music. Click here.
4 March 2010: CBC News in Canada has published a news summary of my interview on the radio show Q, in which I discussed the weaponisation of classical music. Read the news report here and listen to the interview on Q here.
4 March 2010: My article on ‘Weaponising Mozart’ is cited in Canada’s Globe and Mail: click here.
3 March 2010: On Wednesday 3 March I will be interviewed on Q, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s flagship radio arts programme, on the weaponisation of classical music. It will be around 3pm GMT. Click here to listen. Read my Reason article on the subject here.
3 March 2010: On Wednesday 3 March I’ll be taking part in Question Time on Ideologies and Beliefs, organised by Debating Matters, at Graveney School in South London. The other panellists are Lawrence Freedman, Sadiq Khan and Zoe Williams. More information here.
1 March 2010: My article on the weaponisation of classical music is quoted in today’s Washington Times.
1 March 2010: My article on the weaponisation of classical music is cited in the New York Times' Ideas Blog.
26 February 2010: Clive Hamilton, supposedly one of Australia’s leading liberal intellectuals, has another pop at those, including me, who question the tyranny of environmentalism. See it here.
22 February 2010: Wendy Kaminer quotes from my spiked column on “Bullygate” in a piece for The Atlantic: click here.
22 February 2010: My article on the forced conversion of Tiger Woods from privacy-protection to the Oprahite religion of revelation is republished by Yahoo! News.
14 February 2010: I was interviewed for Antiwar Radio on free speech, terrorism, Iraq and the Chilcot Inquiry. You can listen to it here.